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Connect and engage with new customers, wherever they are.​

Digital Marketing

News 2 is one of Charleston’s top-rated source for News, Weather and Sports. Connect and engage with new customers, wherever they are.​

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Digital Video

Whatever you want to call it, more and more of us are watching shows, and movies over internet connections. From on-demand episodes, to livestream sports…

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Digital Display

Reach loyal, local news readers in their trusted environment of choice.​

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OTT/CTV and streaming pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads – as well as outstream ads – reach users while they consume their favorite content live or on demand, on any device.

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Email Marketing

Drive results by reaching the right audience with the right message in a medium that commands attention.

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Nearly any form of digital marketing can be targeted by zip codes, metros, or even congressional districts. 210 West Digital can match your marketing strategy…

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Social Media

Reach new audiences on social platforms and engage with our trusted news fans.

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Web Development

Web development and design that is tailored to your business goals and the preferences of your target audience.

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Meet Our Awesome Team

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